About Us

Bonsoul is all about making its consumers a ‘Happy Soul’ forever!

We are committed to offering Personal Care and Grooming products made of 100% natural ingredients. We lay utmost emphasis on the transparency about the degree of naturality. So even if it falls short by only 0.1%, we mince no words in declaring that openly.

Started barely a year ago in June 2016 at Bengaluru, its intrinsic value of fully assured product quality vis-à-vis the price points at which it offers the products has earned Bonsoul consumers’ unwavering trust and confidence in this short time.

We at Bonsoul have been engaged in intense research in various categories of the segment, and possibilities in the products line. We are steadily charting out our own path amid the noise and clutter, and are seeking to achieve the big dream of positioning Bonsoul with a slew of niche products in the Personal Care and Grooming space wherever we can create opportunities. The only Under-Eye Serum in India with Silk Protein as the active ingredient, which we launched just a few months ago, has already placed Bonsoul in a unique position.

Our products, about 30 in total, mainly belong to the category of Personal Care (Skincare, Hair care, etc). Cosmetic and Makeup products are chemicals-based with natural active ingredients and 100% natural sources-based items. The chemicals we use are free of parabens and sulphates.

We believe improving the quality of our products even further and reducing costs via economies of scale, alongside adoption of a transparent pricing mechanism, will take expectations of customers in the segment to a new high. And this, we are confident, will transform Bonsoul to a one-stop shop for effective solutions in the segment with products made in highest-quality standards with 100% natural sources.

We, thus, vow to make our customers a ‘Happy Soul’ indeed!